BIG Changes in Dungeons in Season 4 Dragonflight

Dragonflight Season 4 introduces several significant changes to the dungeon system, including adjustments to dungeon difficulty, progression, and rewards. These changes aim to address community feedback and improve the overall dungeon experience. Let's take a closer look at the details of these changes.

The development team identified three key issues based on player feedback:

  1. Lack of distinction between Heroic and Normal dungeons at maximum level.
  2. Rapid loss of relevance for Mythic 0 dungeons after a few weeks into an expansion.
  3. The absence of a methodical dungeon pacing and gameplay in endgame content.

To tackle these issues, the dungeon difficulty and rewards are being restructured for Season 4:

  • Heroic difficulty and rewards will be raised to match the current level of Mythic 0 dungeons. These Heroic dungeons will still be accessible through the Group Finder, but the item level requirement to queue will also increase accordingly.

  • Mythic 0 difficulty and rewards will be increased to approximately the level of Mythic 8-10 dungeons. While the numerical difficulty may be close to Mythic 10, the absence of a timer and affixes will offset this difference.

  • The existing Mythic+ system will continue from where Mythic 0 leaves off. For example, a Mythic 5 dungeon in Season 4 will be equivalent in difficulty, rewards, and Mythic+ Rating to a Mythic 15 dungeon in the current system.

In Season 4, all eight Dragonflight dungeons will undergo these changes. One of the notable adjustments is the removal of the timer for Mythic Keystone dungeons at the current Mythic 0 and 10 difficulties. This means that players can now go through these dungeons at their own pace, allowing for a more relaxed and skill-building experience.

Now, let's delve into the changes for each difficulty level:

  • Normal difficulty remains unchanged.

  • Heroic difficulty will receive tuning and rewards that match a baseline Mythic (Mythic 0) dungeon in the current system. Mythic difficulty changes and mechanics will not be present in Heroic dungeons.

  • Mythic difficulty will see an increase in tuning and rewards to match a +10 dungeon with affixes in the current system. There will be no timers, affixes, or limitations on changing specializations or talents while inside the dungeon. The goal is to create a mega-dungeon-like difficulty that offers a meaningful challenge and appropriate rewards without the pressure of the current Mythic+ system. Mythic 0 dungeons will still be on a weekly lockout.

  • Mythic+ dungeons will have rewards up to level 10, starting from what would typically be a +11 in the current system. The difficulty progression will be adjusted so that a +5 in Season 4 will be as challenging as a +15 in the current system. Affixes will be introduced at +2, +5, and +10 levels.

With these changes, there will be a narrower range of keystone levels to find groups for, ensuring more meaningful progression between each level.

Regarding dungeon rewards, the structure will not significantly change. What players would have earned for completing a Mythic 0 dungeon will now be obtainable in Heroic difficulty. The following is a breakdown of the rewards players can expect:

  • Flightstone earnings for Mythic+ dungeons will match the equally challenging Mythic+ dungeons from previous seasons. For example, a Mythic +2 dungeon in Season 4 will provide the same number of Flightstones as a Mythic +12 dungeon in Season 3. Bonus Flightstone awards for increasing a party member's Mythic+ score will remain unchanged.

  • Whelpling Crests will no longer be available from Mythic+ dungeons, but players can still collect them from various outdoor sources.

  • Players will earn 10 Drake Crests upon successfully completing a Mythic 0 dungeon since there is no timer to beat.

  • Wyrm Crests will be available in Mythic +2 to Mythic +5 dungeons, similar to existing Mythic+ dungeons.

  • Aspect Crests will be available in any Mythic difficulty from +6 and above, in the same quantities as existing Mythic+ dungeons.

These changes aim to recalibrate dungeon difficulties, cater to players who prefer a more methodical dungeon experience, and prepare more players to participate in Mythic+ content. By addressing player feedback and enhancing the overall dungeon system, Dragonflight Season 4 aims to provide a more rewarding and enjoyable experience for all players.

12 Mar 2024