Best way to farm reputation with the Valdrakken Accord

There are 25 ranks in total at the start of Dragonflight expansion. The first rank is a welcome to the expedition but the other ones will have some kind of reward. In general, you get cosmetics, access to minigames and the most important when it comes to professions: access to recipes and materials. 


Good start when you are leveling up and also at max level. You get between 100 - 200 reputation when completing. 


You get access to World Quests when reaching level 70.

New World Quests are up at weekly reset for 3.5 days and then you get a new batch of World Quests that lasts for 3.5 days. So basically you get World Quests two times a week. 

Based on World Quest, you get between 50-100 reputation when completing.Mouse over the World Quest to see what faction it rewards reputation to. 


Keep an eye out for objectives on the map. Completing an objective tied to Valdrakken Accord will reward 50.100 reputation. 


This is an item that you turn in at Sorotis, located in the city Valdrakken in Thaldraszus. Turning in 1 Titan Relic rewards 15 reputation with Valdrakken Accord. You can turn in a maximum of 5 at a time, which rewards 75 reputation.

Titan Relics can be obtained from Treasures

When you reach Renown Level 2, you will be able to find special treasures. There are treasures scattered around in Dragon Isles called Titan Treasure, Dragon Treasures, Primalist treasures. 

You can make it easier to detect these treasures in two ways:

  • Change game settings
  • Open Options Menu in game.
  • On the search bar on the top right corner, type “outline”.
  • Click on the Advanced tab and find Outline Mode (see image). Set the Outline to “Disabled”.
  • You will now see that the objectives that you loot will be shining and easier to spot.

Reach Renown 7 with Dragonscale Expedition

When you reach Renown 7.

You will unlock a Supply Kit and when you interact with it, it opens up a new talent UI. 

Choose the Anomaly Detection mark. This will add an ability to your bar. When you click on this ability, it will change your screen to black & white and show the treasures, Dirt Piles, Supply Packs etc, more visible. It will also dot them for you on your minimap. 


When you reach Rank 6.

You will unlock an event that takes place in The Waking Shores (see map). 

This event is recommended as a 5-man, but remember that you are still in the outdoor world and other players that are not in your group also help out. It is an event with several stages in which you have to fill up a bar each time by doing tasks. The last phase is to kill a boss that drops loot and also rewards reputation with Valdrakken Accord. 


Obsidian Citadel

There is a location in Waking Shores called Obsidian Citadel.

This location is an endgame content in which you help Wrathion or/and Sabellian and also other NPC´s in order to take control of the zone. 

Basically this zone requires you to farm key fragments in which you can make it into a key. This key can be turned in at 4 different NPCs. Based on who you turn it in to, you will get rewarded with reputation and unlock daily quests that also reward reputation. The best is to turn the key to Wrathion or Sabellian because they alöso give you daily quests that reward reputation with Valdrakken Accord. 


When you reach Rank 8 with Valdrakken Accord

You will unlock World Quests where you complete Dragon Flying Races. The reward is 50 reputation.


There are special mobs scattered around the Dragon Isles that has a star icon on them when targeting one. These are not rares and not elite mobs. They are basically harder mobs than the average ones. Looting a “star mob” will always reward something tied to reputation with one of the factions, like for example Valdrakken Accord. 

There are also elite rares scattered around the Dragon Isles that has a skull icon on them. THese are harder to solo. They drop reward which also includes reptuation with one of the factions, like for example Valdrakken Accord. 


Contracts are something that the inscription profession can make.
They will be able to make contract for each reputation faction.
They can be sold on the action house.
If you use a contract, you will get a buff for 7 days that will reward extra reputation on any completed World quest in Shadowlands, for that specific reputation faction that contract is for.
The extra reputation will probably be 10. 

Weekly Dungeon

Once you hit max level in Dragonflight, you will be offered two quests tied to dungeons in, once a week.

 The location to get the weekly dungeon quests are in Valdrakken, see map. 

There are two NPC´s, Theldren and Kemora inside the house "Azure Archives Annex". Each one offers a weekly dungeon quest. 


Both quests rewards following each:

  • 250 reputation with Dragonscale Expedition
  • 250 reputation with Iskaara Tuskarr
  • 250 reputation with Maruuk Centaur
  • 50 reputation with Valdrakken Accord
  • 100 Dragon Isles Supplies. 

Weekly Outdoor Quest

When you reach max level on your first character, you will unlock access to a weekly quest in Valdrakken. If you play an alt character after that, your alt character will have access to the weekly quest directly when reaching Dragon Isles. The quest giver is called Therazaland located next to the fountain in Valdrakken (see map for location)

The weekly quest is called Aiding the Accord and the objectives to complete it differ. In Dragonflight, you will unlock events via the Renown system and once you have unlocked these events, you will see that they will also be a part of your weekly quest rotation. 

Here are examples of different weekly quests that I´ve seen on beta: 

  • Earn 4000 reputation that can be gathered from all reputation sources. 
  • Earn 3000 reputation + complete a Community Feast event
  • Earn 3000 reputation + complete The Hunt event
  • Earn 3000 reputation + complete Dragonbane Keep event


Once you complete a weekly quest, you will be rewarded with: 

  • A Valdrakken Treasure
  • 500 reputation with Dragonscale Expedition
  • 500 reputation with Iskaara Tuskarr
  • 500 reputation with Maruuk Centaur
  • 500 reputation with Valdrakken Accord
2 Oct 2022