Best time for 10.2 to launch - Reputation Boost with Dream Wardens

The BEST time for 10.2 to launch would be any time in November. There are loads of good periods with extra reputation boost (some more, some less). This is good for players that need to farm reputation with the new Renown Faction, The Dream Wardens, coming in 10.2. 

During Novemeber month there are 

  • World Quest Bonus Event 
    Begins: 31/10 at 07:00
    Ends: 07/11 at 06:00
  • Darkmoon Faire
    Begins: 05/11 at 00:01
    Ends: 11/11 at 23:59
  • WoW´s 19th Anniversary
    Begins: 16/11 at 10:00
    Ends; 07/11 at 10:00


World Quest Bonus Event

This event will reward extra reputation to World Quests. You can also combine this with the Dream Wardens Contract. 

This event will also have a weekly quest in which you have to complete World Quests and in the reward you can choose 2500 reputation with a Renown Faction. The Dream Wardens are part of the pick as well. 

Darkmoon Faire

This event has a 10% reputation for one hour that you can get over and over during the entire event. Just ride the carousel in the Darkmoon Faire and you get the buff. 

You can also buy a darkmoon faire hat that you can have in your bag and put on anytime during the event. This hat is bought from a vendor in the Darkmoon Faire.

 WoW´s 19th Anniversary

During the WoW´s 19th Anniversary we are getting a buff that contains 19% extra reputation. You will get this buff by opening present that will be in your mail box when the anniversary starts,´. 


13 Oct 2023