Best Garrison AddOn for Followers

So, after trying different AddOns to make my life easier in my Garrison, I found the perfect one. This post will be added in the section of

Garrison Mission Manager
This AddOn assist you with selecting the best team for your Garrison Missions.

  • It adds 3 buttons on mission page with top 3 suggestions. Clicking any of those button sets suggested team.
  • Each button will show you success rate along with icons for XP bonus, GR bonus, and reduced time.
  • Second set of 3 more buttons will appear on garrison resources reward missions, showing best choices for GR gain - i.e. you could have lower success rate, but in long run your average GR yield will be better thanks to "Scavenger" traits.
  • It also adds a top team button to each mission on mission list page so you can see at a glance which missions you could reliably do with your current followers.
  • Missions that require more followers or garrison resources than you currently have will be dimmed out to let you concentrate on missions that you can do.
  • It takes care of each and every trait and ability your followers have, present and future, including those easily forgotten "Increases success chance when on a mission with a <race>" traits, by not actually caring about them at all - it simply tries all combinations and selects those that give best total success chance.

People who love macros can access mission page buttons with:

  • /run GMM_Click("MissionPage1")
  • /run GMM_Click("MissionPage2")
  • /run GMM_Click("MissionPage3")
2 Jan 2015