Best Cypher Research Order/Path

There are some Cypher Research Console Traits that you should definitely pick in a special order so that you get the best outdoor things in Zereth Mortis such as:

  • Unlock an extra vendor
  • Unlock puzzles which gives 1 more World Quest.
  • Craft Pets
  • Craft Mounts
  • Get access to the treasures tied to this system (part of the achievement: Treasures in Zereth Mortis.
  • Add enhancement gems on Zereth Mortis gear.

Here is the best Cyper Research Order for unlocking those perks:

  1. Metrial Understanding (Instant)
    This is the starting part on the Cypher, that you have to choose.
  2. Aealic Understanding (18h)
    This trait is the one you pick as the second trait because it takes 18 hours to complete.
    This will unlock the Aealic Coulmn which we are after.
  3. Cachial Understanding (1h)
    While waiting for Aealic Understanding, you should definitely unlock the Cachial Understanding which has 1 hour cooldown to finish. This trait unlocks so that you can interact with the caches in Zereth Mortis. Meaning you have unlocked puzzles. This is very good because it will also unlock an extra World Quest which is tied to cache puzzle.
  4. Altonian Understanding (5d 18h)
    This trait has a 5 days 18 hours cooldown to unlock.
    Once you unlock it you will unlock a questline that gives you a new vendor when completed. This vendor has an item that is bind on account which increases cypher of the first ones loot by 50%.
  5. Dealic Understanding (3d 18h)
    While waiting for that long CD, you continue to unlock the next row, Dealic Understanding because we need access to the Dealic row, but also you will get a quest now that unlocks so that you can start crafting pets.
  6. Elic (2 min)
    While waiting, you also unlock Elic trait under the Aealic column. This will allow you to put enhancement gems on special Zereth Mortis gear.
  7. Sopranian Understanding (5d 18h)
    The one we are after in this column is the Sopraninan which has a 5 days 18 hours cooldown to unlock. Once completed you will get a questline that unlocks so that you can start crafting mounts. You will also get 2 treasures via this questline that you couldn’t get access to earlier. These 2 are part of the achievement: Treasures in Zereth Mortis.
  8. Corial (1 min)
    While waiting, unlock this trait because now your Pocopoc can interact with wildlife, which you want in order to get access to the last treasure that is part of the achievement “Treasures in Zereth Mortis”.

The rest is just quality of life in Zereth Mortis. Pick the one you prefer. 

23 Feb 2022