Battle for Azeroth 8.0: Island Expeditions Guide

General information

  • This is a 3 player scenario
  • This scenario is not available all the time.
  • Certain Goblins for horde and gnomes for alliance will let you know when they have found an uncharted island in the Great Sea to explore, that is potential for Azerite. You will get maps that shows you were they are. 
  • Head to the docks for your faction, and head of on an adventure and grab as much azerite as you can on islands that will fight hard for the azurite that they collect.
  • You que up for it and can choose what class you want
    3 tanks
    3 heals
    No special requirements are needed for class choice.
  • This scenario takes 15-20 minutes to do.
  • The Azerite you collected will be handed out to your faction for Warfront action and also a piece for you as well.


Same islands, differ in outcome every time

When reaching an island, it will be like a puzzle in front of you.


Will you take over the capture point up at the top of the hill that gives you access to a couple of powerful cannons, that  allows you to cannon fire things as you make your way across the rest of the island.

Next time you come to the island, the cannon is probably in a different spot. But you know what it does, and you know how it can help you in the rest of the island. That will change how you strategically play your way through that island.

Primitive Huts

When you come to an island, it will always feel a little bit different each time you do these scenarios.  
Each time you land on an island there will be a story
You might show up on an island with primitive huts.
There are loads of different creatures that can show up at primitive huts.
These creatures come in:

  • Different groupings
  • Different difficulties
  • Different amounts of Azerite.
  • Different consumables


There are also shrines that gives buff and extra difficulty, gives dmg and reduce armor.
The buffs you get from shrines will differ and will sometimes be even cursed.

Faction Champions

You are not the only one that wants Azerite.
Your opposite faction also wants it.
You complete objectives and race against advanced 3 AI opponents to see who gets it first.
These AI opponents are champions of the opposite faction that comes in 3 as well.
These champion NPCs differ every time as well, you can meet sneaky rogues, mages, shaman, etc.



The scenarios have 4 difficulties

  • Normal mode
  • Heroic mode
  • Mythic mode
  • PvP mode – Instead of Champions, you will race against 3 players instead



Island Features

Capture Points
Chests and Azerite Nodes
Consumables and shrines
Start Locations

Example of Islands

  • Krill Island
  • Oyster Reef
  • Scarlet Island
  • Un´Gol Ruins
  • Havenswood


10 Nov 2017