Awakening the Machine Event - The War Within

Welcome to the Halls of Awakening in The Ringing Deeps, a captivating zone within the War Within expansion of World of Warcraft. In this thrilling event, you will join forces with Kuldas, an esteemed Awakener whose responsibility is to venture into ancient or newly awakened locations and ensure their smooth operation. The Ringing Deeps, akin to a slumbering giant, relies on Kuldas to maintain its well-being. This event is unlocked once you reach Renown 3 with the Assembly of the Deeps. 

Your primary objective in this event is to protect Kuldas as he concentrates on a vital ritual. His goal is to harness the nascent energy of the machinery surrounding him, charging it to its maximum potential. However, be wary, for these rituals often provoke the ancient machines, causing them to behave unpleasantly and attack. It is your duty to fend off the waves of hostile mobs spawned by these machines and keep Speaker Kuldas alive for as long as possible while he conducts the sacred Rites of the Awakening.

Before each set of five waves of additional enemies, you have the opportunity to interact with a special box known as "Kuldas' Toolbox." Here, you can choose from a variety of powers to aid you during the event. As you enhance your standing with The Assembly of the Deeps, you will unlock more potent and rare abilities, even reaching the pinnacle of epic powers for the Awakening the Machine event.

To further augment your arsenal, keep an eye out for toolboxes while participating in the Snuffling event, an exclusive experience unlocked through your increasing Renown with The Assembly of the Deeps. These toolboxes can also be utilized during the Awakening the Machine event, providing you with additional advantages to overcome the challenges that lie ahead.

Prepare yourself for an escalating journey as the event progresses. The initial stages will offer manageable encounters, but as you ascend through the levels, the difficulty will intensify. Expect larger mobs, fiercer battles, and an environment fraught with treacherous obstacles that demand your utmost vigilance. You will be rewarded with cosmetics, mounts, pets and keys (Restored Coffer Key & Treasure Trove Key used to open chests in Delves).  



updated 24-05-30

Each 10 waves you reach, you will be rewarded with an Achievment. 

There are 5 Achiemvents in total tied to waves. 

These achivements will reward a tabard [Machine-Warden´s Tabard] and shoulders [Machine-Warden´s Pauldrons] based on class. 

After reaching reaching 50 waves, you will do one more wave and meet a boss, Awakened Phalanx. Defeating him will reward you with the achievement "It´s Not Much, But it´s Honest Work. Thi will also reward you with a mount, [Machine Defense Unit 1-11].





12 May 2024