Artificer Xy´mox Heroic Mode abilities and tactics - Caste Nathria

Heroic mode extra abilities and changes for Artificer Xymox

General Boss ability during entire fight

Statis Trap

Boss place traps at location of several players.
After 2 sec the traps is active.
Players that trip on the trap are stunned and take Arcane dmg until the trap is destroyed.

Tactics: Statis Trap

  • Move away when trap is placed.
  • Make sure traps are not around wormholes.
  • Nuke the trap if anyone is trapped.
  • Have players with immunity to run them over.
  • Alternative – Raid moves to the side of the platform 5 seconds before the traps are active. This way you make sure that the traps will always be on the side of the platform.




23 Dec 2020