I recommend checking the tactics and not only overview on this fight because there are some overlapping abilities that must be handled correct.

  • This fight has 3 phases and 2 intermissions.

    Phase 1-3
  • In the phase fights you will only fight the boss.
  • When boss puts teleport debuff (Dimensional Tear) it will always be one on a tank and the other on a random raid member (non-tank). One player goes to outer area and the other player goes to the center so that you can use that teleport to portal in our out.
  • The boss spawns rings (Genesis Ring) that will either start from center and move outwards or start from outer platform and move inward. Touching the ring kills you most likely. Use the teleports to dodge the rings.
  • When boss puts a small circle under you (Hyperlight Sparknova), make sure no one is inside your circle.
  • Before boss puts a trap (Statis Trap) on you, make sure to position yourself so that all traps are close to each other.
    Normal mode: Clear traps by using players with immunity that runs over them.
    Heroic mode: Traps cannot be cleared. Instead, you will fight on one side of the platform and place traps on the other side of the platform.
  • When boss targets tank with explosion (Glyph of Relocation) , that tank runs away from raid. The explosion will pull players to that tank. During the fight you must position yourself in certain ways since tank explosion overlaps with the rings.
  • Each phase is the same boss abilities. The main difference is the Genesis Rings that changes and also overlaps with the tank explosion debuff.
    Phase 1: Rings start from center and moves out.
    Phase 2: Rings start from outer side and moves in.
    Phase 3: 2 rings will spawn after each other. Sometimes 2 that moves out, or 2 that moves in, or one from outer side and one from inner side.

  • 5 adds will spawn, 3 casters and 2 melees.
    One tank on each melee and tank the casters.
    Interrupt casters (Debilitating Ray).
    Kill melee first. Focus nuke melee and cleave.
    Don’t stand in front of melee, they do frontal cone dmg (Massive Blast).
  • Adds must be crowd controlled as much as possible.
20 Feb 2022