What you get from Archived Crafting Techniques

Here are items that I know so far on what you can get from the Archived Crafting Techniques. I bought 56 Achrived Crafting Techniques. Many of these were procced into same patterns. The professions they are tied to are Blacksmith, Engineering, Enhanting, Leatherworking and Inscription. 

The patterns are Bind on Equipped, so you can sell them. 
You can get any of the different profession patterns no matter what your profession is.

Ancient Patterns - Leatherworking

  • Ancient Pattern: Sanctified Leather Hat
  • Ancient Pattern: Lucien´s Lost Soles
  • Ancient Pattern: Helm of Lingering Power

Ancient Technique - Inscription

  • Ancient Technique: Shifting Silver
  • Ancient Technique: Wanderer´s Guide

Ancient Schematic - Engineering

  • Ancient Schematic: Refurbished Purifier

Ancient Formula - Enchanting

  • Ancient Formula: Stormwatcher 
  • Ancient Formula: Magebane Nexus
  • Ancient Formula: Smoked Fireshooter

Ancient Plans - Blacksmithing

  • Ancient Plans: Sacred Guardian 
  • Ancient Plans: Valiant Shortblade
  • Ancient Plans: Intrepid Shortblade
  • Ancient Plans: Mirah´s Lullaby
  • Ancient Plans: Darrowshire Protector
  • Ancient Plans: Darrowdirk
  • Ancient Plans: Warsword of Caer Darrow
  • Ancient Plans: Ichor Slicer
14 Jul 2023