Ancient Vault Artifact - Guide

Ancient Vault Artifact is an item that you get from the Dragonflight raid Vault of the Incarnates. 
You get this item from:

  • Each boss
  • Each rare mob

The first time you loot the Ancient Vault Artifact, you will get it as a quest, called "More than a Prison". 
You turn in this quest to Lillian Brightmoon, located in Valdrakken (see map). 

Turning in this item the first time rewards:

  • Dragon Isles Supplies
  • 200 reputations with Dragonscale Expedition

Turning in this item again rewards

  • 30 Dragon Isles Supplies
  • 30 reputations with Dragonscale Expedition 

You will now be able to turn this item in repeatedly and you get the same reward each time. 

There are 8 bosses and around the same amount of rares in the new raid Vault of the Incarnates which means that we will land around 16 Ancient Vault Artifacts per week. We don’t know yet if you can get this item on different difficulties yet.  Turning in 16 Ancient Vault Artifact will reward a weekly total of

  • 480 Dragon Isles Supplies
  • 480 reputations with Dragonscale Expedition


22 Oct 2022