A new Fishing Derby in World of Warcraft

Welcome to the exciting world of the Fishing Derby in the War Within! Get ready to reel in some special fish and earn valuable currency in this thrilling event. Here's a comprehensive guide to help you make the most of your fishing adventures:

Event Details

    • The Fishing Derby War Within takes place every Saturday in Hallowfall.
    • To participate, head over to Hallowfall and locate Captain Oathmyt. You can find her at coordinates /way 44.22, 61.59.

Starting the Event:

    • Speak to Captain Oathmyt to begin the event. She will offer you a quest called "Hallowfall Fishing Derby."
    • Accept the quest and prepare yourself for an exciting fishing experience!

Collecting Special Fish:

    • During the event, you will have a 3-hour buff called "Derby Dasher." This buff allows you to fish up special fish that are unique to the Fishing Derby War Within.
    • Your goal is to collect as many of these special fish as possible within the given time frame.
    • Keep an eye out for these elusive fish and use your fishing skills to catch them!

Earning Mereldar Derby Marks:

    • While fishing for the special fish, you will also have the opportunity to catch a currency called "Mereldar Derby Mark."
    • These marks are valuable and can be used to purchase various items from Captain Oathmyt, the NPC who gave you the quest.
    • Make sure to fish up as many Mereldar Derby Marks as you can during the 3-hour buff.


Mereldar Derby Mark 

Ensemle: Cerulean Dredger
Scuba Diver transmog set


Dasher´s Trophy Fish
One-Hand Transmog


Fallen Dalaran Defender
Shield Transmog


Friendzed Hat of the Cimsom Seas
Head transmog


Algari Seekerthread
Permantly increases Kaz Algar Perception by 1


Algari Anglerthread
Permantly increases Kaz Algar fishing skill by 1


Hallowgfall Harvester´s Pitchfork
Two-Hand Transmog


Soaked Journal Entry
increase Kaz Algar Perception by 10 (max 300)





Maximizing Your Rewards:

    • Here's a tip: The Mereldar Derby Mark currency can be sent to other characters in your account.
    • To optimize your rewards, consider fishing up the currency on one character during the 3-hour buff.
    • Afterward, log on to another character and repeat the process to accumulate even more marks.
    • Finally, send all the currency to one character who can then buy all the desired items from Captain Oathmyt.

6 Jul 2024