Character power that will NOT be on Season 4 (9.2.7) Shadowlands

Shadowlands Season 4 (patch 9.2.7) will come out on the weekly reset of august 2nd. Today we got another update on the PTR and I went through these 5 character powers again, that have not been in previous builds. It seems now that this is the case. We will not see following character power in the coming Season / patch: 

  1. Ephemera-Infused Mesh
    The item that adds a socket to an item. It is still only for Season 3 on the PTR.
  2. No level increase on gear from outdoor world (World Quests, Cyphers, dailies)
  3. No legendary upgrade
  4. Crafter’s mark of the first ones is still Unique equipped. Meaning, you can only wear one 262 crafted item.
  5. No new Crafter’ s mark.
2 Jul 2022