9.1.5 Guide: Korthian Gear - Location, ilvl, upgrade, cost,

In 9.1.5 we are getting Bind on Account Korthian gear that are gear slot specific. Meaning, you can buy this gear and send it to your alts.

What is the ilvl on Korthian gear

The ilvl starts at 200 ilvl and this can be upgraded all the way up to 233 ilvl with the currency Cataloged Research.

How do I upgrade Korthian gear?

You can start upgrading Korthian gear once you have unlocked the Archivist Roh-Suir. This is done by completing the Archivist Roh-Suir questline.

There are 6 ranks in total and each rank gives a specific ilvl.

You can upgrade Korthian gear at the same place as pvp gear and covenant gear.  
You can also upgrade at Assistant Scholar Kahvez located in Keeper´s Respite in Korthia. 

The maximum upgrade of this gear is 233.

Rank 2-4 is unlocked when completing the "Scholar Roh-Suir´s questline". Check out the guide on how to do it  here

Rank 5 and Rank 6 are unlocked when you get to Tier 6 with Scholar Roh-Suir and buy a speicifc items from him. 

Rank 1
200 ilvl

Rank 2
207 ilvl

Rank 3
213 ilvl

Rank 4
220 ilvl

Rank 5
226 ilvl

Rank 6
233 ilvl

Where is Korthian gear vendor

The vendor NPC is called Duchess Mynx which is the Death´s Advance Quartermaster. She is located in Keeper´s Respite in Korthia.

What Korthian gear can you buy and what is the currency

You buy the gear with Stygia.
At the moment on the PTR, you can buy all slots except for necklace. I don´t know if that is intended or if they just missed it.

Korthian Gear
























Is it random stats every time or fixed stats?

Every time you open a Korthian gear, you will get a random stat on it. So basically, you can buy Korthian gear so you will get a full set of the exact stats that you want on your character. It all comes down to how much stygia you got.

Can I wear 2 Korthian rings?

There You cannot wear the same name of rings, but there are plenty of different names on the rings. This means that you can wear two different Korthian rings and the chance is very high that you get 2 different rings directly.

Can I wear 2 Korthian trinkets?

In total, there are 3 Korthian trinkets.
One is intellect (Tome of Insight).
One is strength (Harmonic Crowd Breaker).
One is agility (Fine Razorwing Quill)

You can only wear one of each trinket.

Korthian Accessory has a 7% chance to become a trinket

In 9.1, I investigated how big chance it is that you get a trinket from the random Korthian Armaments and that was around 3%.

Now in 9.1.5 you buy a Korthian Accessory that will either turn in to a ring or a trinket. When I tested the chance on getting a trinket from it, it was 7%. Meaning, it is a really low chance on getting a trinket.



23 Sep 2021