8.3 FULL STARTER GUIDE PART 2 – Vision Scenarios, Legendary Cloak, Currencies and Items

You will find  Starter Guide Part 1 here.

In 8.3, there will be two different Vision Scenarios, which is a glimt of how the world would look like if N´Zoth would complete his task.

  • Vision of N´Zoth (scroll down for guide)
  • Horrific Vision (scroll down for guide)

You can only be inside a scenario for a certain time.

There is a Sanity bar once you enter a vision. This bar ticks until the bar is filled, and when filled 100% you will be tossed out of the scenario.

You can reduce the speed of the bar to finish by using certain items inside the scenario that you loot, but mainly from your legendary cloak and Titanic Research Archive. 

Legendary Cloak

You get this cloak early in the 8.3 questline. Play the game, and you get it.

You start at 5% sanity reduction from all sources inside the scenario.

You can upgrade your cloak which will increase the % sanity reduction and also the ilvl of the cloak.

You upgrade it by finding pages in the Horrific Scenario of a volume compendium (starting at volume 1).

Once you have it you turn it in to Wrathion and he rewards you with a Corrupting Core.
This core upgrades your cloak.

It seems that it upgrades Sanity reduction every second upgrade and Corruption Resistance in between. The ilvl is increased by 2 every time.

Max level on cloak is 15. 


Gear ilvl

Corrupt Resistance

Sanity Reduction

At Start




1st upgrade



No change

2nd upgrade


No change


3rd upgrade



No change

4th upgrade


No change


Titanic Research Archive

This is a talent tree machine that MOTHER helps you construct.

With this, you can add points into different powers that keeps down your sanity.

You add points with the new currency “Corrupted Memento”.

Vision of N´Zoth

This is a smaller scenario that is in the same zone as the Assault.

There are two Assaults up every day, one in Uldum and one in Vale of Eternal Blossom.

One of these two Assaults will always be the Black Empire, where this vision scenario will be.

You will know which zone of Vale of Eternal Blossom and Uldum that has the Vision Scenario by checking the map. Look for the pillar with an eye.

Your task is to finish of the quest that you get outside the entrance to the vision and also kill as many mobs as you can inside the vision and loot them. You will need the currency.

The cost

It doesn’t cost anything to enter this Scenario. But you can only enter it once per day.

The reward

The quest you get is a weekly quest.

The main reward you get from the quest is the rank 2 essence of the new role essences.

You will loot

  • Corrupted Mementos
  • Coalescing Visions

Horrific Vision

This is the main scenario which takes place in Orgrimmar or Stormwind.

This is a 1-5 man scenario that has 5 mini bosses divided in different zones of the city.

The further you go, the harder it will be and also, the faster the sanity bar ticks.

This scenario has several mini bosses and is based on different zones.

The cost

It costs to enter the Horrific Vision.

The item needed is called Vessel of Horrific Vision. Check below on how to get it.

The Rewards

Once of the main reasons to do this vision is because it rewards you with items to upgrade your Legendary cloak.

There is a chest after you are done in the vision scenario.

The reward of the chest (corrupted chest) is based on how far you have entered the Horrific vision and how many adds and mini bosses you have killed:

  • Gear (ilvl might be higher based on how far you went)
  • Corrupted Memento
  • Page Compendium to upgrade Cloak
  • Dps/heal/tank Essence

What is Coalescing Vision

Wrathion can make Vessel of Horrific Visions with this (an item to let you enter N´zoth´s vision scenario in Orgrimmar and Stormwind).

It costs 1000 Coalescing Visions to buy one Vessel of Horrific Vision.
Wrathion is located in the Heart Chamber after you have completed the beginning of 8.3 questline.

How to farm Coalescing Vision

  • From Vision of N´zoth
  • From Dailies
  • From Rares
  • From World Quests
  • From Assaults

What is Vessel of Horrific Vision

This item is needed to enter a Heroic Vision Scenario.

This item lets to let you enter N´zoth´s vision scenario in Orgrimmar and Stormwind.

How to farm vessel of Horrific Vision

  • Completing Assault
    Cache of the Black Empire is the reward when completing an Assault in Uldum.
  • Turning in Coalescing Vision to Wrathion.
    Wrathion is located in the Heart Chamber.
    It will cost more and more Coalescing Vision to make a vessel of horrific visions.

What is Corrupted Memento

This is needed to

  • Upgrade your Titanic Research Archive which is the talent tree needed to put points in for surviving longer inside the Horrific Vision Scenario.

  • Buy a socket to a gear.
    Wrathion sells Gouged Eye of N´Zoth for 25 000 Mementos.
    This adds a socket to a gear that doesn’t not already have a socket.

  • Buy a mount
    Wrathion sells Wicked Swarmer for 100 000 Mementos

  • Buy Rank 4 Essence
    Wrathion sells a rank 4 essence but you must unlock the achievement “Through depths of vision and have the Rank 3 version of it.

How to farm Corrupted Memento

  • From Vision of N´zoth
  • From Horrific Vision
  • From Dailies
  • From Rares
  • From World Quests
  • From Assaults


10 Dec 2019