8.1 New Warfront added

In patch 8.1, there will be a new warfront added and the old one will still be available. 

The new warfront is called Darkshore Warfront.

This Warfront will be similar to Arathi Highlands Warfront but with new rares, quests and final "bosses".

This war is a conflict between Forsaken and Night Elves.

The alliance and horde will have a questline each tied to the Darkshore and the Warfront.

What ilvl is rewarded in Darkshore Warfront

The quest rewards 400 ilvl gear.

Winning a Warfront rewards 370 ilvl loot. 

Buildings and troops

The basic setup is similar to the warfronts in Arathi. 
Check out the in depth warfront guide here
The main differences are the troops and some building names. You will still build:


Horde Plagueworks - Similar to Workshop but builds siege vehicles called Blight Throwers. 
Alliance Glaive Works - The catapults are now glaives. 

World Quests

When your faction has won and taken over Darkshore, you will have access to world quests in Darkshore. There will also be rares and world boss, simular to Arathi.


31 Oct 2018