8.1 Island Expedition Vendor

A vendor is added in patch 8.1 for Island Expedition.
It is located next to the table where you que up.
The NPC name for Horde is Captain Zen´taga (Zuldazar).
The NPC name for Alliance is Captain Klarisa (Tiraguard Sound).

You can buy items with Seafarer´s Dubloons.
You Dubloons by completing Island expedition, in which there is achance you get it.

Quest items

Price: 100 Dubloons each

Island Flotsam - increases 250 reputation with Zandalari Empire.
Golden Beetle- increases 250 reputation with Talanji's Expedition.
Shimmering Shell -increases 250 reputation with Voldunai.
Soggy Page -increases 250 reputation with Tortollan Seekers.

Transmog items

Price: 100

Red Tricorne
Grey Tricorne
Blue Tricorne


Cost: They hace different prices.

Crimson Octopode
Costs: 100

Albino Duskwatcher
Costs 200

Toy: Hand Anchor
Use the anchor as a weapon
Costs: 150

Toy: Cranky Crab
Summons a cery cranky crab for your battle pet to ride on.
Costs: 200

Toy: Gnarlwood Waveboard
Use: Alllow you to surf across water
Costs: 300

Saltwater Seahorse
Costs: 500

30 Oct 2018