7 NEW GEARING UPDATES coming in 10.1.5

We are getting some new changes when it comes to gear up in 10.1.5. 


There is a new vendor added to the Time Rift event where you will be able to buy veteran gear (402-424 ilvl) with new currencies tied to the Time Rift event. This gear consists of a full armor set and weapons. At the moment on the PTR, this gear cannot be transformed into Tier gear at that catalyst. 

The boss in the Time Rift Event has a chance to drop Veteran Gear (402-424 ilvl). This gear is the same gear that you get from the Time Rift Gear vendor. 

Seven vendors are added to the Time Rift event. Each vendor sells a trinket. The ilvl of these trinkets are Veteran Gear (402-424 ilvl). 

The new megadungeon is coming out as mythic hard mode and will drop Hero gear with rank ⅘  on it, which is 437 ilvl. Five new cool trinkets are added to the Megadungeon as well.

A new thing added to some of the gear in the megadungeon is new stats, called Divergent stats. There are 4 new stats added which are called Demonbane, Timestrike, Scourgebane and Spirit and gives you more power in some way. 

Mythic gear has been 441 ilvl and could not be upgraded until now. Upgrade has been added and called Myth. This Myth upgrade has 3 ranks starting at 441 ilvl at rank 1, 444 ilvl at rank 2 and 447 ilvl at rank 3. You upgrade Myth gear with Aspect´s Shadowflame Crest. 

There seems to be portals up in Dragon Isles (found at least one). where new rares have spawned, that drops 415 ilvl gear! Not part of the upgrade system. The loot is 100% once a day. The two items i found so far from a rare called Zalaqir the Chosen:
One-Hand Sword
Two-Hand Axe

5 Jul 2023