7.3 Guide: How to get the Ancient Legion War Supplies chest in Mac´Aree

There are loads Treasure Chests in Argus but there is also something called Ancient Legion War Supplies that you will find on certain places only. One is located in Mac´Aree (see map).

This chest under the ground and to get there, you need to jump down in the hole where the waterfall goes in a certain way.

Face your character so it is aimed at the floating rotating rock inside the hole.

Run and jump towards that floating rock and time it so you land on it. If you jump to far, you fall down because there is a gap between the wall and the stone.

Now you need to jump in to the opening. This seems further away than it actually is. Just plan your jump and press jump before you fall off the rock.

Inside is the chest and also a portal out of the place.

In PTR, this chest had “Treasure of the Ages” that gave moderate amount of AP, which sucks. I hope that will change on live.

1 Aug 2017