7.3.5 guide: New Level Scaling

All dungeon loot will scale to your level until you hit level 90.

Each specific zone will scale to your character level.
Meaning, you can be wherever you want in a zone and the mobs scales to your character level. In this way, you will not have tons of gray quests that don’t benefit you.

  • Low level zones scales 1-20
  • Mid-level zones scales 20-60 (for example the classic westfall zone scales between 20-60)
  • Outland zone scales from 58-80
  • Northrend scales from 58-80
  • Cataclysm zone scales from 80-90.
  • Pandaria zone scales from 80-90.
  • Warlord of Draenor scales from 90-100
  • Legion scales from 100-110

30 Dec 2017