6 Super EASY Ways to get up to 515 ilvl Gear first week in Season 4

Here are 6 things to do on the first week of Season 4 to get 480-515 ilvl gear. 

Timewalking Weekly Quest - Do 5 dungeons

We are getting Timewalking Week, on the same day as Season 4 goes live. The weekly quest tied to this wants you to complete 5 Timewalking dungeons. This rewards a  chest that contains normal Raid gear 493-515 ilv. This raid gear can come from any of the 3 Dragonflight raids. 


Weekly Valdrakken Quest - Last Hurrah

We are getting a change when it comes to weekly outdoor quest. As we enter Season 4 in, a new weekly quest called Last Hurrah has replaced the previous "Aiding the Accord" quest. To begin the Last Hurrah quest, head to Valdrakken and locate Therazaland next to the fountain. He will be your quest giver for this weekly adventure.Upon accepting the Last Hurrah quest, you will have the opportunity to choose one of three empowered zone quests.Each quest will take you to different areas and require you to assist various factions in their endeavors. Here are the options:

Last Hurrah: Dragon Isles: In this quest, you will lend a helping hand to the Iskaara Tuskarr with their community feast in the south, aid the Maruuks in their hunts to the west, and join forces with the Obsidian Outcasts to reclaim Dragonbane Keep in the north. 

Last Hurrah: Emerald Dream:  You will assist Sprucecrown in creating a Superbloom and plant Dreamseeds in the Emerald Dream and gather one hundred Dreamsurge Coalescence.

Last Hurrah: Zaralek Caverns and Time Rifts: In this quest, you will protect researchers under fire in the Zaralek caverns, loot a Secured Shipment from a Suffusion Camp, and assist Soridormi in dispelling a Time Rift. 

Upon completing the quest, you will receive a Cache of Awakened Dreams. This cache contains Champion Gear, which is normal raid gear with item levels ranging from 493 to 515. 

In addition to the cache, you will also receive a Splintered Spark for crafting higher ilvl gear. You will also get 30 Drake's Awakened Crests so you can upgrade gear.  


Outdoor Events

There are 3 outdoor events you can do that will rewards you with 4 Veteran Gear in total. 

  • Community Feast 480-502 ilvl Veteran Gear
  • Dragonbane Keep 480-502 ilvl Veteran Gear
  • Dreamsurge Weekly (collect 100 Dreamsurge Coalesence) x2 480-502 ilvl

Veteran Gear. 

Raid Finder + Currency to buy Gear

Season 4 is the last season of Dragonflight and will be similar to the last season of Shadowlands in the way that we are getting all 3 expansion raids, and also vendors that sell all the things you see in the raids. We will have access to all 3 wings directly and the first raid that is Awakened in Season 4 is Vault of the Incarnates with 8 bosses. Rewards Veteran gear 480-502 Veteran Gear. 

Killing and looting the last boss in this raid will reward you with a Awakened Tempostone, Awakened Raid Finder. With this currency, you can buy Raid Finder Tier Gear 486 ilvl (3/8 Veteran) from the vendor NPC Runaagos located in  an inn called the Parting Glass, in Valdrakken.

Another currency that might come from raid finder is the Antique Bronze Bullion. This is a currency to buy 493 ilvl trinkets or necklace or ring, but also raid transmogs or the Jigglesworh that was active back in shadowlands season 4. 

World Boss

If I remember correct, we got World Boss Awakened based on what raid  it was. Season 2 had season 2 world boss empowered with higher ilvl. If that is the case, then we might get all 4 world bosses during the first week of Season 4 because the first raid that is Awakened is Vault of the Incarnates. World boss loot is 502 ilvl gear 4/8 Champion.

Heroic Mode Dungeon (filler)

This part is the filler. So basically,gear slots that you did not get from the other ways I mentioned you will fill up by doing heroic dungeons. We got a big dungeon change in Season 4 in which Heroic dungeons ilvl got a huge increase. If you compare it to previous seasons, then Heroic dungeons will have the same ilvl as a mythic 0. And the mythic 0 starts difficulty and ilvl wise as a mythic +10. The heroic dungeons drop 476 ilvl Gear (4/8 Adventurer) that can be upgraded to 489 ilvl with Whelpling Crests. 

4 Apr 2024