12 Super Easy Ways to Obtain 600+ ilvl Gear Before Season 1

With the early access beginning on August 23 and Season 1 commencing on September 10, there are ample opportunities to obtain 600 ilvl gear before the season starts. 

Before delving into the five super easy ways to obtain 600 ilvl gear, it's important to note the gear levels available from different raid difficulties:

  • Raid Finder drops gear ranging from 584 to 597 ilvl.
  • Normal raids offer gear ranging from 597 to 610 ilvl.
  • Heroic raids yield gear ranging from 610 to 619 ilvl.

Here are 6 super easy ways to gear up:

1. Special Assignments (584 ilvl Veteran 1/8)

  • Each week, there are 2 Special Assignments in random zones. Complete 3 World Quests and an elite quest in the zone to earn a Pinnacle Cache containing veteran gear and 15 Carved Harbinger Crests. The Veteran Gear is chance on loot. 

2. Normal Dungeon (564 ilvl Explorer 3/8)

  • Engage in all 8 War Within dungeons, including The Stonevault, The Dawnbreaker, Ara-Kara, City of Echoes, City of Threads, Grim Batol, The Necrotic Wake, Mists of Tirna Scithe, and Siege of Boralus. Gear dropped from bosses is 564 ilvl Explorer, which can be upgraded to 580 ilvl with Valorstones.

3. World Quests (567 ilvl Explorer 4/8)

  • Explore all 4 zones in the War Within and participate in World Quests that offer 567 ilvl Explorer 4/8 gear rewards. This gear can be upgraded to 580 ilvl with Valorstones.

4. Delves Rare Chests (574 ilvl Adventurer 2/8)

  • Access Tier 3 Delves and Bountiful Delves, which contain rare chests at the end of the run. With 4 Bountiful Delves available weekly, each in a different zone, you can earn chances on Adventure gear. Before Season 1 begins, there are 3 weekly resets, providing a total of 12 Bountiful Delve chances on Adventure gear.

5. Renown (Adventurer & Veteran)

Upon completing all chapters and side quests in a zone, you will reach approximately Renown 5. This unlocks rewards such as Adventurer Gear at Renown 5, Veteran Gear at Renown 7 from Hallowfall Arathi, and Veteran Gear at Renown 7 from Council of Dornagal.

6. Weekly Quest with one of the pact (Veteran Gear) 

In Azj-Kahet, you will be able to choose one of 3 reputation factions to do a weekly quest for (The Weaver, The General or The Vizier). Completing this weekly quest will reward a cache that contains Veteran Gear and 15 Harbinger Crests. 

7. Theatre Event (Veteran Gear)

In Isle of Dorn there is an event called "Theatre Troupe" that is tied to a weekly quest that rewards "Threatre Troupe´s Trove containing Veteran Gear and 15 Harbringer Crests. 

8. The Archives (Veteran Gear)

A weekly quest that you get in Dornagal to gather titans discs. Comleting this quest rewards  a Pinnacle Cache containing 450 Kej, 15 Carved Harbringer Crests 900 Resonance Crystal and Veteran Gear.  

9. Rares (Adventurer Gear)

There are loads of rares in the War within and killing level 80 rares will have a chance on looting Adventurer gear.

By utilizing these methods, you can efficiently obtain 600 ilvl gear before the start of Season 1, allowing you to embark on your adventures fully equipped and prepared.

10. Ringing Deeps weekly Quest (584 ilvl Veteran 1/8)

This quest will change in rewards (atm on Beta). One week it can reward only rep, the other week it can reward Veteran Gear. You get the quest from Gnawbles in Gundargaz. 

11. Spread the Light - Weekly World Quest - (584 ilvl Veteran 1/8)

A weekly World Quest in Hallowfall (Spreading the Light). This rewards a cache that has a chance of giving you Veteran Gear. You will have 3 chances (1 time a week) IF you got the 3 days early access. You will have 2 chances if you don´t. 

12. Darkmoon Trinket (577 ilvl)

There are 4 types of Darkmoon Sigils: 

  • Darkmoon Sigil: Ascension
  • Darkmoon Sigil: Vivacity
  • Darkmoon Sigil: Radiance
  • Darkmoon Sigil: Symbiosis

The darkmoon trinket is very easily obtained. Check out the guide here on how to get it. 

11 Jun 2024