12 Things you DON´T KNOW about 10.1.5


A new 10.1.5 RARE

We got a new rare in 10.1.5 that drops 415 ilvl weapons. This rare is a little bit tricky to find but it is located in Thaldrazsus on the mountain. If you look at the image, you can see where it is based on the surroundings. The rare is called Zalaqir the Chosen and the transmog of those weapons are also really cool, so you can grab them even if you don't need the power of the weapons. It is a 100% loot on drop, one a day per character. 

Time Rift Weekly Quest is once per account

The weekly quest got changed between PTR and live servers, in a way that the weekly quest was for all characters, so that the weekly quest became shared between all characters in your account. Before this change, the Dilated Time Capsule that is used for buying 402-424 Veteran gear was rewarded from that weekly quest. Instead they moved it to a boss drop from the TIme Rift bosses, and with that they then made the weekly quest shared between characters in your account. So you can only do this quest once on one character. 

Dilated Time Capsule 

As mentioned, this item is now a boss drop from the TIme Rift bosses. There is a high chance that you can get it from the first boss kill of the week. But the question is, can you get more of it the same week? I had some ppl telling me that it can, so maybe it is a very small chance that you can farm more of them. 

Time Rift rewards

The epic box reward for reaching 7500 essences in the Time Rift event has a chance to drop a reward from the time rift vendors, similar to the Time Rift boss. So basically, you can have a chance on transmogs, mounts, pets and gear. 

Transform Time Rift Gear into Tier gear

Yes, finally when 10.1.5 came live it got changed. You can now transform the gear that you get from the Time Rift vendor and the same gear that the Time Rift bosses drop into tier gear. 

Rewards comes from all vendors

A huge change that they made between PTR and Live when it comes to 10.1.5 is that the rewards you can get from the Time Rift bosses were tied to the alternative world vendor reward. That became changed so that you have a chance to get any reward from all vendors no matter what boss you kill and loot. I´m not sure if that is the case for mounts tho. I have only got mounts that are tied to the alternative world Time Rift vendor. But let me know in the comments below. 

Achievement that rewards a Toy, but it is a pet?

Temporal Acquisitions Specialist is an achievement in patch 10.1.5 where you need to find a variety of items across the Timeways. Basically, each alternative world has two items that you can bring back to Soridormi. One comes from phase one during the invasion and the second one comes after defeating the boss and it is somewhere in that platform. Except robot world where both items come from the invasion. Collecting all items will reward a toy called Boffins, which is actually a pet that follows you around for a while. 

Legacy Crafting - Naxxramas, Scholomance and Argent Dawn

We got many new legacy patterns added in 10.1.5 that we have spoken about before. These are T3 Gear, Frozen Rune Gear and other Naxxramas and Lordaeron armor and weapons. 

Many of these items are actually not soulbind such as wartorn scraps, Frozen Runes and recipes, so you can sell them and make tons of gold instead if you want. 

Legacy-tied currencies are account bound

A good change they made yesterday was that the Invader's scourgestone, corrupters scourgestone and Argent Dawn Valor Tokens are now bind on account instead of bind on pickup, so you can farm on different characters and send all of it to one character now instead, which is a huge W. 


Buy Catch Up Gear!

Another new change is that you can now buy catch up gear to your alts. This change comes out on the next weekly reset. 

You can buy two different chests that contain gear.  

Calderax will sell the Conquest boxes (Obsidian Equipment Chest). These will:

  • Require Challenger I in Season 2.
  • Have iLvl 408 gear.
  • Cost 375 Conquest.

Spinsoa in Zaralek Caverns will sell the Valor boxes (Volcanic Equipment Chest). These will:

  • Require 1000 rating in M+ for Season 2.
  • Have iLvl 398 gear.
  • Cost 250 Flightstones.

Trade mounts between Factions!

There are two mounts tied to the Time rift event and these are the Ravenous Black Gryphon and the White War Wolf. These can be bought from the Time Rift vendor. However, you can also loot a “gift version” of these mounts from the Time Rift boss. They will instead be called Gift of the Ravenous Black Gryphon and Gift of the White War Wolf. This means that you will be able to trade that Gift version to a player in the opposite faction so that the opposite faction player will be able to use that mount! That is a new and cool feature they have added. 

Sell items on the Auction House on your phone!

The app you need is called WoW Companion App and you could buy things from the auction house with it before. Blizzard then removed the auction house from that app but then something happened. Finally Blizzard made it happen. You will now be able to add and sell things on the auction house via your phone. So not only buying, but also selling items via your phone. 

15 Jul 2023