10.2 Release Date out!

We got a tweet by WOrld of Warcraft today announcing the date of 10.2 relesease. 

7th of November!

Season 3 will come come out the week after, on Novemeber 14th. 

An infographic of features for the Guardians of the Dream patch for WoW Dragonflight. The upper third of the image features the Guardians of the Dream logo to the left and key art of several major characters including from left to right: Kalecgos, Vyranoth, Nozdormu, Tyrande, Alexstrasza, Merithra, and Ebyssian. The lower two thirds of the image features a grid of images, each representing upcoming features. The grid is divided into two sections labeled “November 7” and “November 14”. The images are labeled as follows:

November 7
New Zone – The Emerald Dream
New Faction and Rewards – The Dream Wardens
Dragonriding Updates – New Races, Mounts and More
Character Customizations – Blood Elf and Druid
New Public Event – Superbloom

November 14
New Raid and Legendary – Amirdrassil, The Dream’s Hope
New Class Tier Sets – Unique Bonuses and Appearances
New PvP Brawl – Battleground Blitz

16 Oct 2023