10.2 GEARING GUIDE - SEASON 3- Dragonflight - World of Warcraft

Repeatable Content
World Quests
The Hunt
Weekly Activities
Dragonbane Keep
Fyrrak loot
Fyrrak chest
Research under Fire
Time Rift Dilated Time Pod
Time Rift Trinkets Paracausal Flakes)
Dreamsurge Coalesence vendor
Dreamsurge Cocoon vendor
Rares and Treasures in Emerald Dream
Main Storyline (full gear except 1 ring and 2 trinkets)
10.2 Weekly Quest 1
10.2 Weekly Quest 2
10.2 Event Superbloom
BoE Drops from Green Chest
Profession Crafting Week 1
Profession Crafting Season 3
World Boss
Normal Dungeon (predicted)
Heroic Dungeon (predicted)
Mythic Dungeon (predicted)
Mythic Plus Dungeon Runs
Great Vault - Mythic plus
Great Vault - Heroic Dungeon (predicted)
Raid - LFR
Raid - Normal
Raid - Heroic
Raid - Mythic
PvP - Honor
PvP - Conquest
PvP - Outdoor Blood vendor
PvP Crafted


9 Oct 2023