10.1 Release date is out

Blizzard posted the 10.1 patch release date today  !

Patch 10.1 "Embers of Neltharion" will be released on May 2nd (US) / May 3rd (EU). 

An image with the Embers of Neltharion logo and a table of information for the new patch. The logo has the text “Dragonflight – Embers of Neltharion” over a modified version of the WoW logo, with a crimson red “W” over black dragon scales and ornate and jagged gold metal as a frame. Text above the logo reads “Deathwing’s legacy endures. Stop any who would claim it.” The table fills the bottom half of the image and is divided into two sections of bullet points describing key features. The left section is labeled “May 2” and the right section is labeled “May 9”. The text “And more” is at the bottom of the table. Small print at the very bottom reads “Content and timing subject to change.” The background is an exterior view of the new Aberrus raid instance in Zaralek Cavern, with amber magma illuminating the ground and foggy blue light above..

3 Apr 2023