10.1.7 GEAR ilvl

Catch Up Gear

415-437 ilvl Gear vendor

The Deamsurge Vendor offers 415 Champion Gear for purchase, using the currency known as Dreamsurge Chrysalis. These items cover all armor slots, including necklaces, rings, and weapons (excluding trinkets). The Dreamsurge Chrysalis is account bound.

How to get Dreamsurge Chrysalis

You receive one Chrysalis from a starting quest, and another one each week as part of a weekly quest (per character).

If you have no alternate characters, it will take approximately 12-13 weeks to fully gear up a single character. However, having alts can significantly reduce this time frame, allowing you to gear up a character within a single day, depending on the number of alternate characters you possess.

402-424 ilvl Gear vendor

The Dreamsurge vendor offers 402-424 ilvl Gear tokens. The tokens are for each gear slot except for trinkets. The tokens are account bound so you can send them to your alternate characters. The currency to buy the Gear Tokens is Dreamsurge Coalescence and at the moment on the PTR, they all cost 100 Dreamsurge Coalescence each no matter what gear slot it is but that is likely to change. 

Where are the catch up gear vendors

Since the Dreamsurge event will swap zone each week, the Dreamsurge vendors will do the same. There are two vendors, one that sells 402 Veteran gear and one that sells 415 Challenge gear. You will always find these two vendors on the Dreamsurge icon on the map. So check what zone the Dreamsurge event is up on then you will know that the vendors are on the Dreamsurge icon location. 

Convert into Tier

Yes, you can convert the 402 gear and the 415 gear into Tier gear at the Revival Catalyst Console. 

5 Aug 2023