10.1.5 Megadungeon got overtuned this PTR build

Did the megadungeon yesterday and it was overtuned as hell. I´m little worried on how it will turn out now when this goes live in 2 weekly resets.


Some trash mobes added a new debuff that increases dmg taken in % and stacked up to 7+ stacks really fast (>300% dmg increase) so I had to kite. It was magic dispelling but got applied to fast again.

The first boss

Sand stomp did massive dmg.

Puts a healing absorb on tank (and takes u down to 5% health) which got increased to 800k instead for 200ish, so I had to run away from boss to be able to get healed. It was bugged because we went 2 healers for it and it didnt work. But still, 800k is way to much. 


29 Jun 2023