10.0.5 - New Items added in Trial of Style

Patch 10.0.5 has an update on items added in the Trial of Style vendor. 

There are in total 25 new cosmetics added to the vendor. These include Head, feet, waist, 2-hand Sword, 1-hand sword, Staff, dagger, gun and  polearm. 


Where is the Trial of Style Vendor

According to Blizzard´s post, there are two vendors, one in Orgrimmar and one in Stormwind which are the transmog vendors. But I also found that the transmog vendor in Legion Dalaran also sells the sale items. So it seems that the Trial of Style vendor is the transmog vendor that you will find in many cities.

What gear and weapons are added in Trial of Style

Here is a list of what is added


Each weapon costs 50 Trial of Style Tokens.

Anointed Crusader's Claymore

Deathmantle Ripper 

Jade Arcus 

Zealot's Prayer Staff 

Focalized Mana AcceleratorAntheron´s Edge


Each waist costs 15 Trial of Style Tokens.

2x Cloth

1x leather

3x plate

1x mail


Each waist costs 15 Trial of Style Tokens.

1x Cloth

2x leather

0 plate

2x mail


7 head pieces are added and costs 25 Trial of Style Tokens.

each. The head pieces can be worn no matter what race you are. 

20 Jan 2023