You can buy Gems in Pandaria Remix

First thing first, big shout out to Toolock  for finding this. 

There are 4 types of gems

  • Meta Gem
    Only fits on Head Gear.  

  • Tinker Gem
    Only fits on Hands, wrist, waist, shoulder
  • Cogwheel Gem
    Only fits on Feet
  • Prismatic Gem
    Only fits on legs, chest

So basically you will have 

  • 1 Meta Gear
  • 4 Tinker Gear
  • 1 Cogwheel Gear
  • 2 Prismatic Gear

You can have more than Tinker gem slot on a piece of gear. Seems to be based on ilvl quality. 

Prismatic can also have more than one gem slot on a piece of gear. 

The power of the gem is based on what ilvl gear it is put into. When you put in a gem on higher ilvl gear it gets higher stats/power on it. 

In Pandaria remix there is a vendor where you can buy all the different gems. 

The NPC is located in Dread Wastes, and called Lidamorrutu. 

Prismatic gem costs 200 Bronze.

Tinker gem costs 300 Bronze

Cogwheel gem costs 400 Bronze.

Meta gem costs 500 Bronze. 


13 Apr 2024