WoW´s 10 th Anniversary starts today! Nov 21 - January 5

This November marks the 10-year anniversary of World of Warcraft, and we’re cooking up a few in-game plans to commemorate the occasionThis is the cool stuff you will be able to do and get!:

  • A new PvP zone only during this time called Tarren Mill vs Southshore: The Rematch

  • You get a new title after winning a PvP match

  • A new (old) raid only during this time called Molten Core. The raid is 40 man LFR.

  • A new Core Hound Mount! You get this after killing the last boss in Molten Core.

  • A new pet: the Molten Corgi! Just bu logging in during this time.

  • Celebration package:

    - experience and reputation gains are increased from kills by 10% for 1 hour.

  • Transmog Head gear after completing Molten Core LFR





21 Nov 2014