Why your PuG die and ”Tank Fails” on Heroic Gruul

A typical scenario: You join a PuG or maybe a semi Guild. The criteria is very high even, let’s say 670+ to join. Your raid starts and killing all those half hard mobs like its nothing, maybe even some dead ppl here and there but the raid is confident. You come to Gruul and think “ Oh man, we should take this, I even joined high ilvl ppl” or “omg, this raid probably sucks, one wipe and I’m out” or even “wonder if these tanks can do this, so many bad tanks in WoD”.

The raid is sorted after arguing about tank tacts, “one slice swap, 3 slice swap”…

DBM PULL and here we go!

All looks good, here comes the first slice BOOM tank dead.

“tank sucks”
“You need to share the slice”
“I´m out, this raid sucks”

And the tank goes: “But I stood on the raid!” “Why did I die?”

Well, I will tell you all why. And after this blog u read, you will go out there again, join a PuG, and tell them why and how to do it instead.

The best tactic for this is tank swap after TWO slices. 

Why 2 slice swap tact

  • After a Slice you get a debuff that lasts for 30 seconds. This debuff causes the next slice to do 20% more dmg on you. Why get more dmg on you when not needed? 2 maximum
  • For every Overwhelming Blow, you get a debuff on you. This debuff causes the next Blow to do 10% more damage on you. 

So overall, 3 slice swap leads to a HUGE amount of extra dmg on the tank. So, just go with 2 slice swap. Why take more dmg then needed? why?

Ok then, but this still doesn’t help enough! To not let the tank get one hit by Gruul.

Well, the secret ingredient is…

The slice does 2 things! Yes, TWO things.

  • Inflicting 800k Fire damage split evenly on players in front of the slice.
  • The slice hits the primary target (which is the tank) for, are you rdy? 500k Physical damage!

Yes that’s the fact. That is why your tank dies.

Click here if you want to check the Gruul tact and how to hadnle the 1 slice tank tact

So how to solve this then

For every slice, the tank has to use a defensive cooldown.
For every slice, healers have to help with mitigation. Absorption shield, Divine shield etc.

Tanks needs to plan their defensive spells with cooldowns etc.
Healers needs to sort when and on whom to mitigate.

When this is sorted, well, then I can PROMISE YOU IT’S A 1 SHOT KILL.

14 Feb 2015