Where to start Kalimdor Cup

The Kalimdor Cup is on of the Dragon Race events. This event takes place in the different zones of Kalimdor in Azeroth. You can either head to the Kalimdor directly and start racing or you can (and should) take the starting quest in Valdrakken, called The Kalimdor Cup Introduction. This quest will also reward 10 extra Riders of Azeroth Badges ones completed. The Kalimdor Cup vendor is located in front of the Rostrum of Transformation in Valdrakken (see map). 

Once you are in Kalimdor and want to race more than just the introduction quest races, you can open your map and choose different zones in Kalimdor. It will show you a flag which points where the race is on that zone. You can also talk to the whelpling next to a race to track specific races. 

7 Aug 2023