BFA Guide: Where are the profession trainers Horde

The profession trainers for horde are in the main city Dazaralor, in Zuldazar. 

Most of them are in the left and right side of the stairs. 

1) Leather worker trainer: Xanjo
2) Skinning trainer: Rana the Cutta

3) Tailoring trainer: Pin´jin the Patient
4) Blacksmith trainer: Forgemaster Zak´aal
5) Mining trainer: Secott the Goldsmith

6) Master Scrapper: Myxle Gutwrench
7) Engineering trainer: Shuga Blastcaps  

8) Enchanting trainer: Enchantress Quinni (entrance to the room)
9) Jewelcrafting trainer: Seshuli (entrance to the room)

10) Inscription Trainer: Chronicler Kizani
      Run all the way up the stairs in Dazlar´alor and enter the building.
      Run all the way to the wall and take the stairs to the left. 

In that room, you will find the inscription Trainer and the archeology trainer. 

11) Archeology trainer:  Examiner Alerinda
      Same room as incription trainer (see above). 

22 Apr 2018