What is Primal Sargerite and How to farm Primal Sargerite

What is Primal Sargerite used for

This item is very similar to Blood of Sargeras.
It is used as a crafting material for all new stuff in patch 7.3.

It is also used for making Primal Obliterum, which is needed after your have upgraded your gear to 900 ilvl with Obliterum only (1 Obliterum + 1 Primal Sargerite = 1 Primal Obliterum).

They are also Soulbound.

How to farm Primal Sargerite

Profession Crafter World quests and Normal World Quest

There are world quests in Argus that rewards around 2 Primal Sargerites per quest.

Class Hall Missions

Here are Class Hall missions that rewards 2 Primal Sargerites when completed and 3 extra on Bonus roll.

Boon of the Lightbearer

This is a shoulder enchants that you can by from the Army of the Light when hitting revered reputation with them. This enchants gives you a chance to get Primal Sargerite from dungeons/raids/mobs in Argus.

Dungeon and Raid Bosses

Loot from dungeon bosses in Argus can reward Primal Sargerite. 

Herbalism Profession

Gathering Herbs will have a chance on getting Primal Sargerite. 

Alchemy Profession

As Legion Alchemist you will eventually be able to perform “Wild Transmutation” which gives you a chance on discovering different Transmutes. You will eventually be able to transmute and get Primal Sargerite. 

Mining Profession

As mining in Legion you will have a chance to find Primal Sargerite when mining the various deposits in Argus. You need to be rank 3 on a special mining deposit to have a chance to find Primal Sargerite when mining.   

Other possible places (not varrified yet)

  • Elite Rare Spawns in Argus
  • The new invasion Rifts Scenarios
  • World bosses in Argus (Elite Rift Scenarios)


Important note!

Seems you can only upgrade the new learned gear to 935 One u get from the small profession questline in Argus.

Does that mean that you can only upgrade the new crafted items that you get from the new profession quests?

22 Jul 2017