What can you get from Waking Dream event


The Major event has two phases. In the first phase, you need to fill a progress bar, and in the second phase, you battle one of the four unique bosses. These events start every hour and half-hour, so you have plenty of chances to join in.

The progress bar that you fill up in phase 1 is a community event where all players helps out filling it up together. You fill it up by killing mobs in that area, interacting with objects and use your dragon riding mount to hit mobs in the air. 

The phase 2 boss that spawns were found to be easier compared to the encounters with rare enemies, and does not have so much health, but I guess that is for PTR testing purposes and that this boss will be harder with more health. 

The good thing about these bosses on the major event is that players receive loot every time they participate in the event, even if they defeat the same boss multiple times in a day. And here's a cool thing: the Charred Elemental Remains always drop with a 100% rate, regardless of whether you've fought that boss before or not.

When you defeat the final boss and collect its loot, you have a chance to obtain the following items:

  • Whelpling Crest
  • 25 Dreamsurge Coalescence, which serves as a currency to purchase 402 Veteran Gear from a Dreamsurge vendor.
  • 1-3 Charred Elemental Remains. If you gather 20 of these remains, you can combine them for a special reward: the Renewed Magmammoth mount.
  • You will have a chance of looting a 402 Veteran Gear Token. This token is either a plate/leather/mail/cloth armor or a ring/necklace token, or a weapon token. You can basically have a chance on any type of gear slot except for trinkets. 
5 Aug 2023