What are Charred Elemental Remains and how to farm it

Charred Elemental Remains is needed to get a new mount in 10.1.7 called the Renewed Magmammoth. 

You need 20 Charred Elemental Remains in total and once you have that, you click on it to combine them and it will become that mount. 


How to farm Charred Elemental Remains

There are two sources to get Charred Elemental Remains. Both of them are part of the new Dreamsurge event in 10.1.7. 

  1. The Major event
    This event is the portal icon you will see on the map when the event is up. This event is up every 30 minutes. At the end of the event, you will fight a boss that will drop between 1-3 Charred Elemental Remains. 

  2. The Minor event
    This event is scattered in the Dreamsurge zone. It is small fire portals that you will  not detect on the map. You can only see them when you get close to them. During the PTR, we have done a lot of work on how to detect these and it is possible to make addons for it, so let´s hope that we will get some addon to find them easier. The minor event has mobs coming out of it and after some minutes, a miniboss comes out. This miniboss drops between 1-3 Charred Elemental Remains. 
5 Sep 2023