Welcome Back GIFT for your old characters

A blue post came out about changes coming to your characters that you have not logged into for a while. All characters that are between level 10-60 and not logged in to for a while will get a Welcome back gift.

This is on the 10.1.5 PTR at the moment and will probably come live when it feels ready (maybe before 10.1.5). 

It is not stated how long the period of time is for your character to be eligible. You will see if your character is eligible when you are on the loading screen by looking under your character name, which says “Gear Update”. 

You can also see it when you are on the loading screen and select your character. A new UI will popup “Gear Update” with an explanation. 

The Gear Update includes

New Gear and bags
The gear will be based on what spec you are. The bags will be based on your character level.
All your old gear and bags that you had on your character will be in your mailbox. All your items that you had in you bags will be in your mailbox. You will also get a cache with gear for your other specs as well incase you want to swap. 

Clean up quest log
You will have a clean questlog so you can start up fresh. Chromie is the go to girl that will provide you with new quests. 

Teleport to your home city
Instead of being in a random location in the world not knowing what's going on, your character will be teleported to Orgrimmar (horde) or Stormwind (alliance) when you log on. 

You will be able to choose your specialization before you log on so that your gear is appropriate. 

Once you have sorted that out, you are good to go. 

If your character is level 60, you will get following: 

  • ilvl on gear is 167
  • Your bags are 22 slot Bags, also clean from items (rest is in the mailbox)
  • A pop-up to start the Dragon Isles campaign. 


8 Jun 2023