Weekly quest: Timewalk Dungeons

This week we will have the Timewalk Dungeons as weekly quest.

Complete 3 Timewalking Dungeons and receive the sweet rewards:

  • Seal of Inevitable Fate (Extra Bonus roll)
  • Iron Fate Treasure (Hellfire Citadel random loot) The ilvl depends on how many bosses you have slain in certain difficulty.

How do I do Timewalk Dungeons?

  • Enter Group Finder (press I)
  • On left side select Dungeon Finder
  • On Top right side, select roll then select type: Random Timewalking Dungeon

 Where is the Timewalking quest giver?

He is located outside your main buidling in your Garrison. Check minimap when you are at your garrison, there you will see the quest highlighted as well. 

30 Sep 2015