Weekly Aiding Quest in The War Within

The Weekly Aiding quest is a new weekly outdoor quest in The War Within expansion of World of Warcraft. This quest allows players to choose what kind of weekly quest activity they want to do in the game. The quest is located in the Isle of Dorn in Dornagar.

Quest Activities to Choose From

The Weekly Aiding quest offers a variety of activities for players to choose from. These activities may rotate, providing different options each week. Here are some examples of the activities that players can choose:

  1. World Quests + Renown: Complete World Quests and the Capstone World Quest in Kaz Algar.
  2. Notoriety: Complete objectives for one of the Notoriety factions in Az-kahet.
  3. Dungeon: Complete the Stonevault dungeon on normal or higher difficulty.
  4. Awakening Machine: Complete 20 waves in the Awakening Machine event.
  5. Spreading the Light: Complete objectives and kill rares in the Spreading the Light event.
  6. World Boss: Kill the world boss 


Upon completing the Weekly Aiding quest, players will receive 2 Treasure Trove keys as a reward. Treasure Trove keys are epic keys used for opening an epic chest at the end of a Delve run reward. Remember, the activities and rewards may vary each week, so be sure to check the quest details in-game for the most up-to-date information.

5 Jun 2024