WEEK 1 - 10.2.5 PTR NEWS - Play with AI in Dungeons, Outland Ragonracing, Mounts, Pets & MORE


Friday - New Build - 17th Nov


Noble Flying Carpet

Compass Rose

Hornstrider Red

Heartseeker Mana Ray

Reins of the Fur-endship FoxReins of the Soaring Sky FoxReins of the Twilight Sky Prowler

Reins of the Majestic Azure Peafowl (Trading Post)

Reins of the Brilliant Sunburst Peafowl

Reins of the Starry Twilight Peafowl






Toy: Hearthstone Game Table


Toy: Eyes For You OnlyToy: Date Simulation ModulatorToy: Exquisite Love Boat


Toy: Delicate Silk Parasol ?
Toy:Delicate Jade Parasol ?
Toy: Delicate Crimson Parasol ?
Toy: Delicate Ebony Parasol ?

Dragon Customization


Renewed Proto-Drake: Love Armor


Winding Slitherdrake: Lunar Festival Armor

Other event items


Hearthstone Invitation LetterHearthstone Wild CardStone of the Hearth


Bundle of Love TokensBundle of Love Tokens

Single-Use Bouquet


Azerothian Archivist Initiation TokenTimerunner's Chalice

Dungeon Testing

The available dungeons are all the 8 Dragonflight dungeons in Normal mode. You can enter the Follower Dungeon from level 60 up to level 70.

You receive loot if you participate in combat. You have the option to lead or not. If you choose not to lead, the tank will initiate combat, but the AI companions will wait for you after defeating a group.

If the AI companions die during a boss fight and you, as the tank, are still alive, they will be resurrected immediately. Boss loot is randomized as usual in normal dungeons.

The speed of the dungeon is slower when you're not tanking. The AI tank pulls enemies gradually, but if you pull more enemies, the tank will take care of them.

The damage dealt by the AI companions is lower than my level 60 character with an item level of 187.

It seems like there is always one AI companion that deals decent damage, one that deals moderate damage, and one that performs poorly (especially if you are a healer). If you are a DPS, then one AI companion will perform well while the other will struggle.

The dungeons are great for practicing healing or trying out new healing abilities. They are also good for practicing tanking.

EVENT - Azerothian Archivists (not out on this build)

Embark on an epic adventure to explore the captivating history of the Dragon Isles. Encounter a remarkable group of characters, listen to ancient tales, and behold the symbols of a bygone era. 


Engage in both solo and group activities at Traitor's Rest, where you can participate in a thrilling Weekly Public Event. Embark on exciting exploration quests. Earn incredible rewards such as

  • Battle pets
  • Mounts
  • Transmog set. 

Begin your journey as an Archivist by checking out their advertisement at the Sapphire Enclave library in Valdrakken. Get ready to delve into a world of mystery and wonder!

New currency: Mysterious Relic  

New Event vendor -  Provisioner Aristta in Thaldraszus


The Outland Cup is a testing event that will be available from November 16 to November 29. During this event, players can participate in a Dragonriding racing event in Outland. There are thirteen new races to choose from, each with different difficulty levels. Some of the race names include Hellfire Hustle, Coilfang Caper, and Blade's Edge Brawl.

As you complete these races, you can earn Riders of Azeroth Badges, which can be used to purchase various rewards such as a Drake Racer's Scarf, a transmog set, new dragon customizations, and more. If you complete all the races on the Gold level, you will earn the Outland Racing Completionist: Gold achievement, the Outland Racer title, and the Ruby Riders of Azeroth tabard.

During the Outland Cup, players will have access to a fully upgraded Dragonriding Talent Tree. The introductory quest for the event has been changed so that players must complete all the races. Completing the quest will reward players with 40 Riders of Azeroth Badges.

If you haven't unlocked dragonriding yet, you can still participate in the races using loaned dragonriding mounts. Two new mounts, the Grotto Netherwing Drake and the Flourishing Whimsydrake, have been added to the list of available loaned mounts.

Finally, if you have unlocked dragonriding, you will no longer be dismounted after completing a race. However, if you haven't unlocked dragonriding, you will be dismounted after each race.

Extra notes

They increased the Badge reward from 20 to 40 BUT, there is a big BUT. The quest wants you to complete all 13 races instead of 3ish races. 

The badge rewards are the same as before (1 badge for each bronze/silver/gold, and different race difficulty completed). 

Manuscript of Endless Possibility from vendor


5 new Hair Colors for trolls

Warlock Pets

  • Darkglare
  • Beholder
  • Observer
  • Tyrant

One new Draenei skin color 


New Passive Ability: Empowered Soaring – Soar is now equivalent to dragonriding, granting access to vigor and all dragonriding abilities.

New Passive Ability: Expedited Takeoff – Soar’s cooldown is reduced to 10 seconds.

Developers’ note: Soar dragonriding will become available after learning dragonriding on the account and the Evoker has completed the Forbidden Reach starting experience.

Familiar Skies (Racial) has been removed.

Dynamic Flying

Dragonriding is now available throughout Azeroth wherever flying is available. Outside of the Dragon Isles, Dragonriding mounts move at 80% of their maximum speeds.

No flying mounts are up for dynamic flying


King Greymane is ready to retake his kingdom, but Gilneas isn’t as empty as expected. Help reclaim what was lost and return the kingdom to Gilnean hands.


New Appearance achievements have been added.


A preview window has been added to the “Quest Text Contrast” setting in Accessibility Options.

Art has been updated for predictions and absorbs on unit frames.

Limited-time (holiday) Traveler’s Log activities will now be marked as such, with the time left shown.

In the Transmog Sets pane, you can now favorite individual set pieces using right-click. Each set piece also now says its slot type in the tooltip (e.g. “Shoulder”).


Several Leather crafting items has been changed from “Exotic Leather” to “Mist-Touched Leather”

There are many different profession crafting gear and weapons on the database. They are atm low ilvl and full sets, also with weapons. 

One name that all had in common is “Timerunner”

All these have Mist of Pandaria themes. 


21 Nov 2023