Warrior Macros

Here are some examples of some good Warrior class macros:

1 Button Overpower, Sunder, and Whirlwind

/cast [stance:1] Overpower; [stance:2] Sunder Armor; [stance:3] Whirlwind

Will cast Overpower in Battle stance, Sunder Armor in Defensive, and Whirlwind in Berserker stance


Devastate - Shield Slam - Heroic Strike

/castrandom Devastate, Shield Slam<br />/stopcasting<br />/cast [modifier:ctrl] Cleave; Heroic Strike

Keeps Heroic Strike queued and uses Devastate and Shield Slam for your supplemental aggro. [ctrl] uses Cleave instead of Heroic Strike.

Easy Tanking Macro: Shield Slam, Revenge, and Shield Block

#showtooltip<br />/castrandom [equipped:shields] Shield Slam, Revenge; Revenge<br />/cast [equipped:shields] Shield Block

Spammable for easy tanking.


Fear Dance:

/cast [stance:1/2]Berserker Stance;Berserker Rage<br />/cast [stance:3]Defensive Stance

Puts you into berserker stance, pops berserker rage, and then goes back into defense stance



/cast [nocombat,stance:1] Charge; [combat,nostance:3] Berserker Stance; [nocombat,nostance:1] Battle Stance; [combat,stance:3] Intercept

It either charges/intercepts, or puts you into the correct stance, another click and you charge/intercept



/cast [modifier:ctrl] Concussion Blow; [stance:1/2,noequipped:Shields] Berserker Stance; [stance:1/2,equipped:Shields] Shield Bash; [stance:3] Pummel

Revenge(Rev) -Sheild Block (SB)


/cast Revenge<br />/stopcasting<br />/cast Shield BlockRevenges when available, attempts to use Shield Block if not.



Charge Macro:

/castsequence [nomod, stance:2/3, harm] Battle Stance; [nomod] Charge; [mod:shift, stance:1/2, harm] Berserker Stance; [mod:shift,stance:3, harm] Intercept; [mod:shift, stance:1/3, noharm] Defensive Stance; [mod:shift, stance:2, noharm] Intervene
This macro Charges with no modifier and will Intercept while targeting an enemy or Intervene targeting friendly target.
If you have Shift pressed, then it does this: Friendly target: Casts Defensive stance, Intervene Enemy Target: Casts Berserker
stance, Intercept

Also, if you are already in either Berserker stance when you target an enemy and press shift, it will skip trying to put you into
Berserker stance and just intercept. Same for friendly target with Defensive stance and intervene. (also it only takes 2 clicks
in above situations) To get back into Battle Stance just have no modifier held down and will change you back.


Focus charge/intercept/intervene

#showtooltip<br />/startattack [harm]<br />/cast [stance:1]Charge; [stance:2,noharm]Intervene; [stance:3]Intercept<br />/cancelaura Bladestorm<br />/cast Battle Shout
This macro will cast "Charge" in Battle Stance, "Intercept" in Berserker Stance, and "Intervene" in Defensive stance if your target
is friendly. Finally, this macro turns on your auto-attack if the target is hostile, cancels your "Bladestorm" and casts "Battle Shout".
This macro is compatible with the juggernaut talents.



Heroic/Slam Rage Dump

/cast [modifier] Slam; Heroic Strike

This macro will allow you to easy choose between Heroic Strike and Slam to dump your excess of rage or to just simplify the buttons
you've to push. The default is to cast Heroic Strike and will cast Slam if any modifier is pressed.


Shattering Throw from Berserker

#showtooltip<br />/cast [stance:2/3] Battle Stance<br />/cast Shattering Throw<br />/cast [stance:1] Berserker Stance
The first press will put you in Battle Stance, second will cast Shattering Throw, and third will put
you back in Berserker Stance. Useful if you don't have stances binded as this is a single button. Make
sure it is on the same action bar and spot in all stances.


Retaliation as Fury

#showtooltip Retaliation<br />/cast [stance:2/3] Battle Stance<br />/cast Retaliation<br />/cast [stance:1] Berserker Stance

If you're not in "Battle Stance", you will cast "Battle Stance", then you will cast "Retaliation". Once clicked again, you will
go back into "Berserker Stance".

Charge, Intercept, Intervene 1 button fury

#showtooltip [help] Intervene; [nocombat] Charge; [combat] Intercept<br />/cast [combat] Intercept<br />/cast [nocombat] Battle Stance<br />/cast [nocombat] Charge<br />/cast [harm] Berserker Stance<br />/cast [help] Defensive Stance<br />/cast [help] Intervene

If in combat, you will use "Intercept", if not, you will cast "Battle Stance" and "Charge" on your unfriendly target.
If your target is friendly, you will cast "Defensive Stance" and then "Intervene" them.

Mouseover Taunt

/cast [@mouseover] [mod:alt] Taunt; Taunt

Casts "Taunt" at the target that is mouseovered, otherwise casts on the current target

Mouseover Devestate

#showtooltip<br />/startattack<br />/use [target=mouseover, harm, nodead][harm,nodead][target=targettarget, harm, nodead][] Devastate<br />/use Bloodrage<br />/run UIErrorsFrame:Clear()
This allows the warrior to put Devastate (or Sunder Armor if you don't have Devastate yet) on off targets without
switching their main target by putting the mouse cursor over the target and then hitting the macro. It will also
Devastate your current target if you have no mouse over target, or Devastate your target's target if your current
target is friendly and your target's target is not. The macro prioritizes Mouse Over > Target > Target's Target.
It will also pop Bloodrage just incase you are short on rage.



All Purpose Taunt

#showtooltip Taunt <br />/assist[help]; Taunt <br />/cast [target=target] Taunt <br />/startattack

This allows the warrior to taunt the target if it is an enemy and begin autoattacking, or taunt a friendly unit's
target and begin autoattacking.