Warfront- Battle for Darkshore Guide

Who starts with the new Warfront in 8.1


How do I start the new Warfront?

At max level, once you have completed the new opening storyline with Tyrande and the night elves.
You can que up directly after that.

How does the new contribute system work?

You can choose what warfront you want to contribute to. 
There will only be 3 quests per day that you can contribute to. 
Before we had access to all 11 quests. 

Once of the 3 quests will ALWAYS be gold or war resource contribution. 

How does the new warfront system work in darkshore?

The system will be more or less the same but with new

* locations
* troops
* building types
* objectives

Some other changes

Essence of Storms will provide players with access to powerful transformations allowing them to take on alternate roles such as healing or tanking on the battlefield.

What is the ilvl requirement for warfront Darkshore 

You need atleast 320 ilvl. 

What is the ilvl reward from the new warfront Darkshore

At launch of 8.1 it will be 340 with a starting quest once per Warfront cycle  that rewards 370.

However, this will change later (in season 2 when the new raid comes out) on with 370 reward from a win and 400 ilvl from the quest. 

What to do once we have Darkshore

Only players that have completed the introductory questline will be able to participate.

Then you will have access to

* a new faction-specific World Boss
* rare creatures
* new gear
* pets
* mounts
* Warfront gear (night elf (Alliance) or Forsaken (Horde)–themed Warfront armor sets)
* hidden treasures
* rotating series of new World Quests
* Service medals (new currency)

Side note: Arathi highlands will also have world quests.

World quest reward will also give reputation to 7th Legion or Honorbound emissary.


5 Dec 2018