Volcoross Boss Tactics - 10.2 - Amirdrassil: The Dream's Hope

You will fight the boss on a circular platform where the boss is in the middle. 

Divide the raid into two groups where the healers are evenly distributed. 

When you get a circle debuff on you, make sure you are away from players. This debuff will decrease in size. 


You will see a dark shadow on the platform in which a tail will rise from behind. This tail will  slam on the platform where the shadow is. After the slam it leaves fire waves that goes on both sides, watch out for those. 

Boss will target two locations on the platform with Big swirls. Each raid group will soak on swirl each. This swirl to soak will change location which means: 

  • After the first soak, one group goes to the left and the other groups goes to the right.
  • Then keep going that direction when you have to move from boss mechanics. 

Boss spits fire on player location that leaves pools on the platform. Always move at the direction your group is going.

25 Sep 2023