Upgraded Artifact Relics in patch 7.3 - Netherlight Crucible


Netherlight Crucible is a machine in your Vindicaar spaceship in Argus.

With the Netherlight Crucible, each relic has a “talent tree” with three tiers.

Tier one upgrades your Artifact weapon by 5 (total 15 ilvl for all 3 relics)

Tier 2 has do to with your secondary stats, dmg,  dmg absorption and healing.

Tier 3 improves your Artifact weapon traits.  

Depending on what type of relic you have and also what class/spec, the outcome of the tiers differs.

Tier 2

This tier are divided in Light and Shadow power.

You get a random trait on each side (light/shadow).  drawn from the following pools of power:

Light Traits

Shadow Trait

Tier 3

This tier gives minor traits.



How do I unlock the Netherlight Crucible

Two requirements:

  • your character is level 110
  • you need the account-wide achievement "Now You're Cooking with Netherlight" That achievement is given as part of the final chapters of the 7.3 story campaign


How do I upgrade Relic slot 2 and slot 3


Relic Tier Requirement
Relic 1 Tier 2 lvl 60
Relic 2 Tier 2 lvl 63
Relic 3 Tier 2 lvl 66
Relic 1 Tier 3 lvl 69
Relic 2 Tier 3  lvl 72
Relic 3 Tier 3 lvl 75


Same name of Relic with different ilvls give different traits

If you have a relic X and and relic X warforged, you will get different traits on tier 2 and tier 3.




19 Jul 2017