Upgrade Primordial Stones

Crushed Primordial Fragments can be crafted into Unstable Elementium.This can only be done by a Jewelcrafters. You need 10 Dormant Primordial Fragments and 25 Silken Gemdusts. 

Once you have the Unstable Elementium, you can upgrade any Primordial Stone you want that is 411 ilvl all the way to 424 ilvl (see below how). 

Ring (Onyx Annulet) ilvl

Starts at 405 ilvl and can be upgraded all the way to 424. 

Adding one 411 Primordial Stone → 407 ilvl

Adding two 411 Primordial Stones → 409 ilvl

Adding three 411 Primordial Stone → 411 ilvl

Using an Unstable Elementium on a primordial stone will upgrade it from 411 to 418 ilvl. If you use it a second time, it will upgrade the 418 ilvl stone to 242 ilvl. 
Meaning, each sone needs to upgraded TWO times. 

Adding one 424 Primordial Stone (the other two are 411 ilvl)  increases the ilvl of your ring to 415 ilvl.

Adding two 424 ilvl Primordial Stones (the last one is 411 ilvl)  increases the ilvl of your ring to 419 ilvl.

Adding three 424 ivl Primordial Stones increases the ilvl of your ring to 424 ilvl

Basically, the ilvl of your ring is the average ilvl of your three rings. 

9 Feb 2023