Upgrade Primal Gear to 395 and 398 ilvl

In patch 10.0.7 you will find Primal gear that is Bind on Account, which means that you can send it to other characters in your Blizzard account. 

This primal gear can also be upgraded in 10.0.7 and the ilvl differs based on what type of primal gear it is. I have divided the gear in Primal Storm gear and Storm Fury Gear.

Primal Storm Gear is the gear that was released in patch 10.0. These include head, shoulder, back, chest, bracers, hands, waist, legs and weapons. This gear has the maximum ilvl of 385.  

Storm Fury Gear includes rings, trinkets and necklace. This gear is 389 ilvl. 

In patch 10.0.7 you can upgrade this gear with a specific currency called untapped forbidden knowledge. It costs one untapped forbidden knowledge to upgrade it one more time. 

Upgrading Primal storm Gear will increase the ilvl from 385 to 395 ilvl. 

Upgrading Storm Fury Gear will increase the ilvl from 389 to 398 ilvl.

Where to upgrade Primal Gear

You can upgrade it in two locations. 

First one is located in valdrakken, Dragon isles. There is one upgrade NPC in Valdrakken inside (see map). 

Talk to Corxian <Item Upgrades> 

Click on the plus icon or drag in item to it for upgrading. 

The other location is in Morqut Village in the Forbidden Reach (the 10.0.7 zone). The NPC is called Researcher Baneflare. 

How to farm Untapped Forbidden Knowledge

This item has many sources. The main ones are

  • Rares in the Forbidden Reach
    There are 39 rares in total, 16 that you can see and 13 that are hidden. 
  • Forbidden Hoard Chests
    There are treasures that spawns every 20 minutes and are up for 10 minutes. 

Other locations with less chance to drop are

  • Random mobs in the Forbidden Reach
  • Zskera Vault
    From treasures inside
26 Feb 2023