10.0.7 - Upgrade Primal Gear even MORE - Untapped Forbidden Knowledge

There is a new item in 10.0.7 that I found on last build. This item is called Untapped Forbidden Knowledge. 

This item states following: “A potent tome found within the Forbidden Reach. This can be used to enhance Primal Stom gear to its greatest potential”. Comparing this item to the Storm Sigils that states “used to upgrade Primal Storm Gear”, it seems that the Untapped item will increase the ilvl even higher than 385 ilvl. 

Edit 2023-02-16

Confirmed now that you will upgrade primal gear with this item. 
Head to the upgrade NPC in valdrakken and also in Forbidden reach, and add the primal gear you want to upgrade. 
The Primal Gear will upgrade to 395 ilvl. 

How to get Untapped Forbidden Knowledge

There are five ways

  1. From rares in Forbidden Reach. 

  2. The Primal event in Forbidden Reach. 

  3. The chest event in Forbidden Reach. 
  4. From Forbidden Hoard Chests in Forbidden reach. These chests spawns every 20 minutes and lasts for 10 minutes. 

               5. The Dragonscale expedition vendor in Morqut Village, the Forbidden Reach sells two types of bags. Dragonscale Supply Crate and Sack of Oddities.

The Sack of Oddities costs 1000 Elemental Overflow which seems like a lot pre 10.0.7. But you will gain much more Elemental Overflows in the Forbidden Reach since all mobs (except small ones) will drop it. The Sack of Oddities has a chance on giving you Untapped Forbidden Knowledge. 


14 Feb 2023