The Legendary Ring can be upgraded

Many players are close to or already got their Legendary ring. What most players don´t know is that you can upgrade this ring.
The ilvl of your ring when it becomes Legendary is 735, and it can upgrade up to a maximum of 795 ilvl.

How do I upgrade my Legendary ring?
You need to kill Archimonde in Normal or Heroic or Mythic.
Archimonde drops an Item called Crystallized Fel, that upgrade your weapon with 3 ilvls and maximum is up to 795.
You cannot get this item more than once per week, no matter if you killed him once on normal and once on heroic.

Does the Legendary upgrade also upgrade my other Legendary rings?
No, Only the currently equipped legendary ring will be upgraded by this item

If I got the 33 Tomes and kill Arhimonde the same week, will I get the item?

Does the Crystallized Feldrop in LFR?

How long will it take to upgrade the Legendary ring to 795?
If you kill Archimonde every week it will take you 20 weeks.

19 Aug 2015