Timewalking Event This week – The Burning Crusade

This week’s event we have The Burning Crusade Dungeons. Players from lvl 71 or higher may access the que system in Dungeon Finder and do following dungeons: Your gear will scale down to but your talents will remain the same.

New Dungeon - Magister´s Terrace

When patch 6.2.3 came out it was announced that this event will have another dungeon included, namely Magister´s Terrace. This dungeon came out late in The Burning Crusade and many players enjoyed it a lot and it´s called one of the best Burning Crusade Dungeons.

If you want more information on bosses, loot and achievements click here to get to WoW´s original website.


The other Dungeons are
Black Moras
Mana –Tombs 
Shattered Halls
Slave Pens

Weekly Quest Event

You will also be able to do the weekly quest from your Garrison that Awards:

  • Treasure Chest with Hellfire Citadel Loot.
  • One Seal of Inevitable Fate used for extra chance on boss loot.
  • 500 Valor Points


Lootable Mount in Timewalking Dungeon Event

Players will now have a chance to loot a rare Infinite Timereaver mount from any Timewalking boss.

7 Dec 2015